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The Animal Connection 

The Animal Connection docu-series revolves around Sandra Larson's extraordinary ability to communicate with animals and her Texas-based practice, problem solving and opening hearts along the way. 


Sandra possesses the phenomenal ability to intuitively tune into an animal’s feelings, thoughts, and intentions. Her gift allows her to connect with animals in person or remotely, as well as animals who have transitioned to the other side simply by looking at a photo. She’s truly amazing.

The Animal Connection is heartwarming, family-oriented docu-series taking viewers to the Lone Star State to document an extraordinary Animal Communicator, Sandra Larson, who uses her gift to literally communicate with animals; Sandra not only satisfies human curiosity and skeptics, but more importantly, she creates magical transformations by addressing a wide variety of behavioral issues and emotional concerns. As The Animal Connection explores the complex inner worlds of animals, we'll learn fascinating details about what animals think, feel, and know - and what they think about the human relationships in their lives. 

Bottom line, Sandra is literally a human voice for animals.


Sandra Larson 2021

Sandra’s animal communication sessions with clients will address genuine behavioral concerns, emotional issues, health difficulties and much more. She has worked with literally thousands of animals over the years, including a wide variety of domestic animals, farm animals, and exotic animals.


She has helped countless clients deal with a variety of issues such as; undiagnosed health concerns, helping to find lost animals, separation anxiety, relationship problems with other animals or people in the home, dominance issues, or simple human curiosity of their animal's point of view. One of the most common reasons people reach out to Sandra is to connect with their beloved animal companions who have passed away. Sandra’s academic achievements and specialization in grief counseling allows her to professionally help people move through the stages of grief, assisting those who still need closure concerning a deceased animal companion. 


The goal of The Animal Connection is to help facilitate communication between people and their beloved animal companions, creating indelible transformations. Transformations that benefit both animals and humans. As a family-oriented show, the kid friendly dial can be easily turned up to accommodate a more family-oriented network by adding a more substantial educational layer to some episodes and even children participation in some instances and sessions. 


This is a docu-series for animal lovers. It will warm the hearts of viewers, by exploring the human / animal bond, and hold our attention by exploring problem solving scenarios. The show will ultimately reveal the remarkable emotional intelligence of animals and their purpose in our lives, while showcasing the magnitude of unconditional love all animals possess for humanity. This is a show that has something for the entire family. 


We have a detailed pitch treatment we can share with you. It outlines what a 10 episode series of The Animal Connection will look and feel like. Interested parties, please reach out to us HERE with your office and contact info. 

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