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with Sandra Larson

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Lone Star Animal Medium YouTube Channel

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LOGLINE: Lone Star Animal Medium is a heartwarming, animal and human-interest docuseries that takes viewers to the Lone Star State to feature an extraordinarily talented Animal Medium, Sandra Larson, who uses her mediumship gifts to communicate with animals – deceased or alive.

Sandra not only satisfies human curiosity and skeptics by connecting with animals who have transitioned to the other side, but she can also communicate with living animals, creating remarkable transformations by addressing a wide variety of behavioral issues, emotional concerns, and health problems. Verifiable information is the cornerstone of Sandra’s sessions.

SANDRA LARSON is an Animal Medium, which means she possesses the phenomenal ability to intuitively tune into an animal’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions. She can connect with animals who have transitioned to the other side, simply by looking at a photo – in addition to communicating with living animals in person or remotely. She’s truly amazing. 


The Lone Star Animal Medium docuseries revolves around Sandra’s thriving practice in Texas. One of the many reasons clients reach out to Sandra is to connect with their beloved animal companions who have passed. Her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master of Science in Education Degree in Counseling (specializing in grief counseling) qualifies her to help clients process their grief on a clinical level, while her intuitive animal communication gifts and abilities allow her to give unique closure on an emotional level. Learning a beloved animal companion is happy and doing well on the other side is often transformational. 


Sandra Larson 2021 Shoot for E! Network

One of the most effective abilities she possesses is her gift to tune into an animal’s physical pain or discomfort. Sandra does not claim to be a veterinarian, therefore she does not prescribe nor diagnose. Nevertheless, she has helped countless animals in poor health by feeling physical sensations and pain in her own body, which corresponds to the pain or discomfort in the animal’s body. This valuable information has helped veterinarians diagnose either previously unknown illnesses or mystery illnesses, in addition to bringing attention to necessary dietary needs or medication changes.

Over the years, Sandra has worked with thousands of animals as an Animal Communicator, which includes a wide range of farm animals, exotic animals, and every species of domestic animal you can imagine. She has helped professional animal handlers and everyday folks deal with a variety of diverse and unique issues. Her mediumship gifts are in equal demand.


Ultimately, the focus of Lone Star Animal Medium will revolve around people, who wish to connect with their beloved animal companions who have passed. And in the process, these moving sessions will demonstrate the surprising and remarkable emotional intelligence of animals, revealing how much their inner worlds resemble our own, in addition to learning about the extraordinary lives they live in spirit.

Bottom line, Sandra is literally a Human Voice for Animals.
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SANDRA is no stranger to TV cameras. She has twice been invited to appear on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas (2019 and 2020), and she filmed two segments with Terry Bradshaw and his family for the second season of The Bradshaw Bunch (2021), airing on the E! Network. Sandra’s friendly disposition, charming personality and quick wit makes her a natural in front of the camera. She has also made numerous appearances on podcasts and radio shows, as well as being featured in several local news segments, highlighting her mediumship gifts and her wealth of animal experience. 

We are currently looking for a network home for Lone Star Animal Medium.  If this series concept has peaked your interest and you think it might fit into your programming needs, please contact us for more information. We have a comprehensive Show Treatment we can share with interested parties that outlines potential format options and content possibilities, illustrating what a series will look and feel like. 

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